This blog is intended for me to post my pirate radio recordings. Most of the recordings are from Bristol, most will be pirate but there will be some legal stations and stations from other cities or national stations.


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Pirate Radio talk in St. Werburghs, 14th January

The Bristol Wirelss Pirate Radio Talk

Bristol Wireless will be hosting a fascinating talk on UK Pirate Radio in the 1960’s and 70’s on Wednesday 14th Jan at 8pm in The Zoo Bar, St Werburghs Community Center.
Our Treasurer Julien Weston will be talking of how and why the pirate stations came about, their fascinating and ongoing conflict with the UK government and the draconian measures the government eventually took to get the North Sea broadcasters off the air once and for all. The talk will feature original sounds from many of the pirate stations and stunning images from the North Sea. Julien tells us his talk will cover the ships, the transmitters, the music, the people – and unfortunately, the authorities. He will also reveal some curiosities such as why the pirate radio story really starts in 1660, how the UK government can still “legally” pursue its citizens anywhere in the world and what the link is between the radio pirates and the Lockerbie bombing of Pan-Am Flight 103. The Bristol Wireless bar will be open on the evening for your refreshment with all proceeds going to the Bristol Wireless project. The talk will last for one hour with plenty of time for questions and answers afterwards.
THE BRISTOL WIRELESS PIRATE RADIO TALK The Zoo Bar (Room 3) St Werburghs Community Centre Horley Road, St Werburghs BRISTOL BS2 9TJ Wednesday 14th Jan 8-9pm.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

New Passion Radio Bristol site up and running...

This is a bit better > Passion Radio Bristol

They've got a listen again feature ready to roll soon, so no need for me to post any more shows here I guess.  I'll still do some from time to time though.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Files Offline

A lot of my files have perished in the Rapidshare account now, so you'll find a lot of the early links no longer work.  Sorry about this, if there is anything specific you want uploaded again, please email :)  Remember, there are permanent files at The Pirate Archive

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Thornbury FM

Not pirate, not in Bristol, but worth a mention. They've been going since Nov 2005 on RSLs. It's typical small town RSL stuff really, but the DJs aren't too unprofessional and there is an interesting selection of shows. This year, they've increased their reach to a bit more of South Gloucestershire and some parts of North Bristol. There are even ads for Flingers in Patchway! Here's an hour long clip...

Friday, 6 November 2009

KWBB, BBC, Isherman, appeal for information.

KWBB - Knowle West Bad Boys - I'm told that Tricky and 3D ran this station from Knowle West, and it was smashed up by a crew from Bedminster. From there it was set up in Barton Hill and John Nation was possibly involved. Any information appreciated, especially recorded evidence of the station.

BBC - Bedminster Badboys Company - These were apparently the guys that smashed up the KWBB studio. They were also behind the Twisted free parties. The station was on air at the same time as those parties, so around 1992, and was the way to find out about them. Once again, any more information appreciated, especially recordings.

Isherman (spelling?) - I've been told this pirate is / was on air in Easton, probably on low power, about 1 to 4 watts I guess. I've seen the guy that told me about it a couple of times and his story hasn't changed, so it's possible it really does exist.

Weston Sound - This was in W-S-M and was run as a holiday station from a caravan site, any more info and recordings would be welcomed.

When you've been hunting down information for things and a few times you find out that you've been spun a little lie, you tend to get a bit more cynical about what you believe, so apologies if I seem like I don't believe you when you tell me information ;) I just have to take things with a pinch of salt.

TAPES - Still looking for tapes here, especially of the earlier pirates such as BAD, FTP, Emergency, RAW 104.9, SYT, Radio 103.5, etc...

News - 061109

Last night, I managed to get the rest of my tapes from my parents loft and there was actually 3 times the amount I was expecting! Not all of them contain radio recordings, of course, some are pre-recorded or albums / tunes, but that still leaves about half of what I got to go through and retrieve radio from. Amongst the tapes were recordings I thought I'd lost by recording over them stupidly, or never even knew I had. These include half a D90 of Garage FM from Cardiff and almost 2 whole tapes of Storm FM from 2001. I've just found what appears to be another Sub Love set from Tristan B's show on Galaxy (1992) too, so lots of surprises waiting to be discovered in this bin liner full of tapes I reckon :)

Friday, 30 October 2009

Interference FM Mayday 2000

There is already an article on Interference FM on The Pirate Archive, but there have been no tapes found until recently. First, I've had an offer from Dub Revolution to collect some shows on cassette (which I WILL get around to when I can). Second, I've been sent 45 mins of the original tape for Mayday 2000, with more to come apparently! Many thanks to 'Anna Kissed' for this. I will submit the tapes to The Pirate Archive soon.

Audio -

Article -

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Art and Sound of the Bristol Underground feat. Emergency Radio

A new book by Chris Burton and Gary Thompson has been published by Tanget Books and was launched at the Arnolfini on Thurday 22nd October. It's titled 'Art & Sound of the Bristol Underground' and features interviews with many local musicians from the 1980s, as well as graf artists from the same period. Club flyers and other artworks are also featured alongside the interviews.

The best thing about the book is that it features Paul Hassan talking about Emergency Radio and giving the short version of it's story.

Overall, the book is an excellent read for anybody who was there or is interested in the history of the Bristol music scene during the 80s.

Video of the launch party

Extra information about Emergency Radio, along with recordings will be featured at The Pirate Archive soon.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Long time, no post...

I haven't posted in a while, but hope to get back on it at some point soon by talking to Mike Wiley and Dub Revolution etc... Currently, I'm listening to ASBO on Passion, 1pm to 4pm every Tuesday from today, all sorts of sounds, good stuff.


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Renegade Radio site

Some of my rips are currently available from the Renegade Radio site -

I don't think there is much there that hasn't been on here already mind you :)

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

BAD Radio on Pirate Archive

Finally, I've got an article on BAD Radio together for the archive. You'll find the Evening Post feature from 1988 alongside a few tapes. If you have any more recordings of the legendary station, the first black pirate in Bristol, then please let me know :)

There is more due to be added to the Interference FM page too.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

comment from Rich B

Rich B said... Ragga 105 - 1996 on a monday night. Ramjack with Wile-up on the mic, followed by Bunjy's show straight after.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Comment from Rich B

Rich B said... Hi mate, Some of Bunjy's show from '96. Replay top 5 4beat chart, then back to '92/'93. Rich.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Pirate Archive Bristol Update...

The Bristol section of the site has been updated this week with the addition of two new stations pages and several other pages updated.

A new page has been added for Interference FM and also for Fantasy FM the later of which has the normal station info and audio for download.

Updates this week are to the FTP radio page which has had three new magazine articles added and the FPR page which has had two new recordings added to it. The Bristol Stations list has also been updated this week with the addition of a couple of stations.

Hold tight for a BAD Radio page on it's way...


Rich says...

"You got Bunjy with Brother Nick on his show playin hip hop, Brother Nick's own 'Mass Appeal show', Wile Up with his Pastor persona, + a bit of Goldfinger and Mystri.

There's a Brotha Nick that still DJ's in Bristol - is this the same dude? - his radio voice sounds totally different."

Well Rich, there is "Brother Nick" who is Bunjy's mate on the tape - - And there is also "Brova Nick" who plays on Passion and sometimes at Soultrain - -

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Comment from Rich B

Rich B said...
I'm back again with a compilation of Ragga FM shows from 95. You got Bunjy with Brother Nick on his show playin hip hop, Brother Nick's own 'Mass Appeal show', Wile Up with his Pastor persona, + a bit of Goldfinger and Mystri. There's a Brotha Nick that still DJ's in Bristol - is this the same dude? - his radio voice sounds totally different.

Roots and Shoots

This show on BCFM had a couple of good shows in 2007 on the subject of pirate radio, covering off-shore and land based stations. One of them features a clip of BS1 Radio. Thanks to Terry Starr for passing the links on, he features in the shows and wrote many reports for Anoraks UK and other news letters in the late 80s....


Rich B said...
The first one is the Christmas '95 show. They definitely were not on Galaxy in 97, that was around the time they blew up big with Reprazent. The galaxy show ran till about March 96, I think? Respects to Logix.
Al said...
Yeah, that makes sense Rich. I wish I could find my tape of the one where Krust played a wicked remix of Set Speed that was never released :(

Sunday, 31 May 2009


Rich B said...
Hey Al. Got some Dazee for you. This is from a weekly 30 min slot (Thurs 8:30 - 9:00) she did as part of 'The Breakdown' show - hosted by Miranda - mixing the Replay Records Jungle top 10 in order.
Al said...
Thanks Rich.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Passion Radio Bristol - Kid Kamaya

Kid Kamaya hosts a mish-mash of DnB, Dubstep, Oldskool and various breakbeat style music, every Monday night on at 11pm-1am...

dead link

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Anonymous said...
links no working can somebody get them workin again pls
Al said...
They aren't my links, so dunno why that happened. I'm replacing them with a .zip containing all 3 soon :)
10000 Spoons said...
Don't suppose you ever got hold of the Carl Cox mix from the PSB's show, did you? At the time it was one of those mixes that didn't leave my Walkman for months... I found a third-generation copy of it in amongst some old tapes a few years ago but the quality's really hissy. Don't worry if not, I'm just pleased there's a tracklisting of sorts out there!
Al said...
10000 Spoons - sorry mate, haven't found it yet. I think I might have a rubbish copy on mp3 somewhere but it's got lost in a pile of CDs. I'm after a better copy really. Rip yours if you like, if you do it at a decent quality (320k) I might be able to clean it up a bit, depending how bad it is.
Anonymous said...
does anyone by any chance have the friday show from 1992 with the dave seaman guest mix at the end?
Anonymous said...
I also would cherish a copy of the dave seaman mix from the last friday show in 92... can anyone help - been looking for a copy for literally years now : (
Al said...
Here you go Mr Anonymous.
Anonymous said...
Link exceeded limit.. : ( is there a new link please? DJ Force
Al said...
All the links in my latest post at work fine :)

Monday, 18 May 2009


Anonymous said...
I listened to the recording of my set and downloaded it myself as i have no way of recoring it onto cd at the moment. If you could record this weeks set i'd be very grateful. Thanks mate Coldharbour Ray
Al said...
Ray That's the site I used to rip the stream. is the url you need to enter into the schedule, just give it a name like 'IceCold103-ColdharbourRay(date)' and set the date and time, click add and it should record it for you. Go to the finished folder to pick up the mp3. Already set it for this week ;) Cheers Al
Anonymous said...
Cheers Al, Listen for your shout out Coldharbour
Al said...
Cool, think the stream ripper site has just broken though, it won't load up for me now. I think it might be my fault, cause I made a mistake entering something into the schedule and then tried to delete the entry. Looks like the delete function is knackered.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Beep, beep, beep, beep....


That's on my radio right now. A steady beep with a constant rhythm which sort of skips every now and then, like it's a short mp3 looping around in an mp3 player.

EDIT: Turned out to be Passion's FM relay coming back on. The signal level is all over the shop, one minute clear as a bell, the next barely audiable behind Sunshine... We'll see how this pans out. Big up for sticking with it though.

Saturday, 16 May 2009


Rich B said...
Is this the one with Kenny Ken, Frankie Knuckles & Sasha? If it isn't, I've got that I can post. I believe they stood in for Simon Bates.
Al said...
Hey Rich, it's only got the Frankie Knuckles one and it cuts off before the end. I do have some of the others from that year here somewhere, but they are really poor quality. Is your one reasonably good quality? You're probably right about Simon Bates. Was it still Bates they were standing in for the next year?
Rich B said...
I got them from here: ..and the links are still live. Permanently hosted by the looks of it. Decent sound quality too.
Al said...
Cheers Rich, posted :)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Anonymous said...
Got another for you Al. Galaxy 97.2 FM - Deli G - 'The Touch' 29/4/92. was posted by someone on a blog ages ago and I can't find it online anymore. Big shout to you if this is your tape. I'll get some Dazee and some Bunjy up soon.
Al said...
I don't think this was me, I think I might have maybe one or two The Touch tapes somewhere from 93 onwards but none from before. Thanks :)
Mr Doooix said...
I have a wicked Dirty Den mixtape somewhere from about the same time. Pure soul and hip hop -that's how it was done back then.
Al said...
Mr Dooix - Is it one on actual tape or did you pick it up on mp3 somewhere? I got one of Den at Mozart's Winebar from 1987 (which is interrupted part way through by a bit of BAD Radio). Towards the end he plays Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause and says something about 'the price of cheese is terrible' :D

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Passion 104FM - May/June 1995

Rich B said...
Oh nice one. :) Re: Power/Passion - I'm not sure when it happened but some time early in '95, Power became known as Passion. It was known as Passion 104 all the way until October of that year, when they went off air completely to apply for the RSL (I think I still have the tape with this anouncement on it). Their RSL 'Powerjam 106.6' came on around December. After that they came back as Dance 104 some time in January '96.
Al said...
Thanks for the info on that one Rich, it's always appreciated. It's weird that I don't even remember this happening. I guess that it was 'management' avoiding having to explain to the DTI why there was a pirate called Power FM with all the same DJs as the proposed Powerjam RSL. I remember that there was an announcement in the ads when Dance FM came on saying that they'd decided to merge Power and Passion together to produce Dance FM. I remember Dance FM was still going in early 99 and just came to an end before 2000. I'm not sure when Passion came back on 106.2 but I know it was before Dance went off air completely. I'd love to hear that announcement if you can find it :)
Rich B said...
Well I discovered Passion 106.2 in '98. Dance FM had become mainly dancehall by this point. Anyway here's the next one. Passion 104FM, Pre-St. Pauls carnival warm-up jungle shows (1995). Brooklyn & MC Hyper during the daytime, DJ Perks late in the same evening. Not much known about Perks. I gather he was mates with the Dead Calm boys from Shirehampton, as he used to give them and their Moving Shadow releases big props. I think he also played Hip Hop with DJ Demic on the RBG Ruffblood show (Passion).
Al said...
Yeah, I remember listening to Perks on occasions, DJ Quick too. Logix and Semtex have been in touch, any of their shows would be good to have. There was also Paz in the early days of Power FM (Jan 1994 ish). I think Passion first came on around the end of 94, about the same time as Krome and Time Ganja Man came out. Some of the first Passion shows I heard were MC Marv (used to be MC Whiz - Sublove crew) and Quick I think, possibly Perks too, and around Xmas that year Easygroove did a one-off all night set, Jungle and hard Techno. That was on 106.2. Passion seemed to be mostly Jungle for the first few weeks. I've got a Dead Calm 12" here somewhere.